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Haul Off


NOROLEX Haul off MP50, MP100 and MP155 do not have many distinguishing features from each other. It is mainly the bandwidth that separates them and that the MP50 is pivotable. 

Apart from this, the construction is the same. The pullers are easily placed units whose task is to pull small hoses, pipes or other smaller profiles at a certain speed.

Good to know is that due to its design, they have their limitations when it comes to pressing force, "The smaller the profile height - the better the traction". The larger Haul Off BH1000-150 has a different design and is used for larger profiles and has one gearmotor for each belt and is driven synchronous with large pullforce.

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The NOROLEX traction mechanism consists of a lower and an upper belt where the lower belt is driven by the motor and transmits the specific speed to the upper belt. Both belts spin at exactly thesame speed and are completely enclosed to prevent the risk of injury. The profile height, i.e. the height adjustment between the bands, is done manually with an adjusting screw that lowers or raises the upper band. It is also possible to adjust the height of the entire Haul Off, this is done either via the lower part or the upper part of the drawbar, depending on which model it is. The MP50 model is also swiveling, which means that it can be swung away from the production line for anymaintenance.


It is via the Haul off electrical cabinet that starts and maneuvering takes place. The electrical cabinet

contains all electronics, all buttons and knobs as well as display instruments.



The mechanical drive takes place either with a worm gear motor or a helical bevel gearmotor, depending on type of Haul Off. Both designs have a very high degree of efficiency and a robust construction. The electronic drive is carried out by frequency converters which with a low maintenance cost and enables production from 0 to maximum speed without downshifts.


Belts and wheels

In the standard design, the belt consist of PUR Timing belts which have a very high wear resistance together with a high friction which means a high traction force. Which coating on the belts it is depends on the customer wishes but APL is the most common.

For us, quality is important

Our goal is to deliver products to our customers with the guarantee of a high and even quality. We can offer this due to our mission to select components and semi-finished parts from well known suppliers.

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