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NOROLEXnovus Co-Extruders in the MSEE variant has mainly been designed to be simple and reliable machines with possibilities to adapt and  tailormake them for customers in the sizes Ø18-45 mm. By using well-known brands and competent sub-suppliers, a very high and consistent quality permeates our products. We offer a 2-year warranty for all our machines.

Co-Extruder MSE35


All our Co-Extruders in the novus serie is MSE variants as standard which means that they are Movable  Singlescrew Extruders and the name of them can for example be MSE30 26D.

The electrical cabinet on the MSE variants is mounted in a movable arm and contains all electrical equipment. As standard it´s conventional electrical control but can also be equipped with PLC Extruder Control. 

The frame is normally a heavy steel plate where the holder and pillar is mounted and is very heavy so it´s possible to place the machine  different positions and the extruder is also possible to adjust the height.



The heating of the different heating zones is processed by separate PID regulators as standard mainly with Type J thermocouples. The design and size for these regulators is DIN standard and very reliable and easy to maintain or with PLC Extruder Control. The heating element are mainly in mikanit or ceramic material depending on process conditions and always forced cooled by air on all zones at the barrel.



To enable the possibility to extrude at low speed with maintained torque the gearmotor is driven by a vector controlled frequency converter with or without feedback. The actual drive at the driveshaft is always a helical bevel gearmotor or a parallel shaft gearmotor with very high effiency, which model depends on the design and process possibilities. Both alternatives have a well oversized construction which guarantees a long lifetime with small efforts of maintenance since the axial force from the screw shaft is not any burden for the gearmotor, it has its own bearing house.


Barrel and screw

Standardversion of the screw is a conventional design for one stage screw depending of material with feeding, compression and metering section but special tailormade designs is of course also offered. In normal case the screw is nitrided but it depends on the process conditions.


The barrel is also nitrided as standard and has an integrated feeding pocket with water cooling to prevent heating to escape to the bearingsbox and hopper.

In the MSE(novus) version we can manufacture single screw Extruders from Ø18-45 mm.

For us, quality is important

Our goal is to deliver products to our customers with the guarantee of a high and even quality. We can offer this due to our mission to select components and semi-finished parts from well known suppliers.

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